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Zoraida Younger, Miss. Alumni 2016-2017

Zoraida Younger

Zoraida Younger, a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, has been a proud bronco since before here enrollment at Fayetteville State University.In 2006 Ms. Younger participated in the Trio Programs, GEAR UP and Educational Talent Search, through Fayetteville State University's Office of College Access Programs. Upon her participation in this college preparatory programs she was accepted into Fayetteville State University's Cross Creek Early College High School. Ms. Younger completed the program with 64 college credits from FSU, upon graduation from the Early College she attended Fayetteville State University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with honors in 2015. During her undergraduate experience Ms. Younger was highly involved leadership positions in a variety of clubs and organizations on Campus, to include but not limited to Bronco Women Organization, Bronco Ambassadors, FSU Honors Club, Residence Hall Association, and SGA Senator-at-Large, while serving as a Resident Assistant in McLeod Hall. While pursuing her Masters of Business Administration at FSU, Ms. Younger currently serves as the Recruitment and Advisement Assistant of the School of Education, Vice President of Alumni Campus Employees (A.C.E) Chapter of the Fayetteville State University National Alumni Association and President of Bronco Women Organization. Ms. Younger has committed several hours of service to the university, serving as a mentor to the current and prospective students, one of her main activities being fundraising for the Ball in Pink athletic games in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Ms. Younger's goals as the next Miss Alumni are to invoke more engagement and participation from the younger alumni, reignite the Bronco Family Spirit, and unite the current, future, and prospective alumni of Fayetteville State University. 



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