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Family of the Year Award

The Family of the Year Award recognizes and honors the families of four or more family members (Ex. mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter) who graduated from Fayetteville State University, and who continue to bring credit to their family and to the University, through their achievements and active involvement in their respective communities. The Family of the Year is honored in April during Founder's Day Convocation with an attractive university plaque and brief biography of the family in the program.

Past Families of the Year:

1983- The James B. Wright Family

1984- The Jessie Mae Owens Family

1985- The Batrice Bracey Family

1986- The David Hill Family

1987- The Cornie Lee and Ella Mae McLauchlin Family

1988- The Rev. Jeremiah and Leolar Williams Family

1989- The Vivian Diggs Family

1990- The Gabriel McNeill Family

1991- The Rev. D. Hector and Henrietta McEachern Family

1992- The Raymond and Myrtle Battle Family 

1993- The Roy and Reather McNeill Family

1994- The Paul and Annie Bryant Family

1995- The Josephine Rozier Thompson Family

1996- The George W. and Betty Brown Family

1997- The Henry Herman and Bessie Parker Family

1998- The Wilson and Maudie P. Lawrence Family

1999- The David O' Berry and Maggie Darden Bell Family

2000- The Earl and Mildred Best Smith Family

2001- The Dennis R. and Polly Simpson McNair Family

2002- N/A

2003- The Alvin and Ruth Taylor Family

2004- The Rev. Bessie Moore Family

2005- The Robert and the late Addie Brown Melvin Family

2006- The Late Rev. George and Cora Steele Family

2007-  The Rev. James and Susie Evelyn Sparrow Family

2008- The Rev. Ernest and Mable Bacote Family

2009- The Late Charlie and Nellie Marable Family

2010- The Larry and Hattie Bush Family

2011- The White/ McAllister Family

2012- The James and Mallie Monroe Family

2013- The Barnes and Braswell Family

2014- The Cisrow and Octavia Prince Thomas Family

2015- The Offie and Cora Brown Family  

2016- The Patterson Family

2017- The Miller-Gillespie Family


Family of the Year : FOUNDERS DAY 2017 is April 20th 

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